Will Falk – Oregon Book Tour

Will Falk - Oregon Book Tour

Will Falk – Author, Lawyer, Environmental Activist

Poetry is a tool to be used in resistance. For those of us who have forgotten, poetry leads us back to our natural heritage. Poetry teaches us to listen to a world filled with voices.

WHEN: Friday, March 13th @6pm

WHERE: Eugene Garden Club (1645 High St. / Parking across street)

How Dams Fall Will Falk - Oregon Book Tour

With brutal honesty and an unflinching commitment to witnessing the river’s wounds in all their painful detail, How Dams Fall is an intimate conversation between a human and a river. In a time when the Colorado River is at record low levels and water shortages look inevitable, this essay is a must-read for outdoor enthusiasts, naturalists, water advocates, and anyone who has ever fallen in love with the natural world.