“Protecting our Vital Watersheds – Transitioning to Rights of Nature a
s a new paradigm for environmental protection

Giving entities in nature, such as rivers and watersheds, legal rights is increasingly being advanced throughout the world. Join us in exploring indigenous perspectives on watersheds, the importance of recognizing their ecological complexities, and the importance of protecting them with Rights of Nature Law. The proposed Protect Lane County Watersheds initiative is a local example of this happening right now.


When: Friday March 3, I:15-2:45pm 

Time: 1:15 – 2:45 PM

Room: LS 241 (Law School 2nd Floor, “Hollis Classroom”)


Kunu Bearchum – Filmmaker & Multimedia Producer and Chief Petitioner for Lane County Watersheds Bill of Rights
Michelle Holman – Community Rights Lane County member and Chief Petitioner for Lane County Watersheds Bill of Rights
Craig Kauffman – UO Political Science/Environmental Studies professor, and member of United Nations Expert Network on Harmony with Nature
Ian Keene – Fish and stream biologist