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A Series of Interviews With Will Falk

The Legal System Will Not Save the Planet

Fighting for Ecosystem “Entities”

Time to Escalate? First-Ever Rights of Nature Lawsuit Dismissed

“What is the Purpose of the Environmental Movement?

Rights of Nature and Breaking Illusions

RADIO INTERVIEW: Conservation Today with Francis Eatherington –

Frank Bibeau – Rights of Wild Rice (Manoomin)

Ernie Niemi – Sustainable Forests

Chris Hedges – Eugene Appearance

Rights of Nature Panel Discussion

Film Screening: Doctrine of Discovery, Unmasking the Domination Code

Lafayette Colorado’s Councilwoman Merrily Mazza. At FUMC from May 24th

Community Rights Lane County’s Michelle Holman on Community Rights…

The Art of Chemical Warfare – CRLCs panel at the 2018 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference

Coast Range Association’s Chuck Willer – A Colony Called Oregon – Wall street Forestry

Natural Resource Economist- Ernie Niemi & Oregon’s (Un)Sustainable Forests

UO Professor Craig Kauffman on Putting the Rights of Nature into Practice!

Thomas Linzey in Newport 4/14/17

Mari Margil at the Eugene Garden Club

 Vandana Shiva at the LCC Peace Center

Winona LaDuke at the EMU Ballroom

Thomas Linzey – Be The Change – How to get what you want from your community

PIELC 2013 Keynote Address by Thomas Linzey of CELDF

Listen to Mari Margill interview Thomas Linzey, Executive Director of the Community Environmental Defense Fund (CELDF), about Food Bills of Rights being passed in local communities to protect local food systems and sustainable agriculture.

 Listen to Mari Margill, Associate Director of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, speak about communities passing their own local laws to protect themselves from corporate threats, such as mining, fracking, water withdrawal, factory farms and more.

The DNA of our Legal System / Anna Grear / TEDxBonn

Listen to a speech by Vandana Shiva addressing the madness of economic growth. 

We the People Rising Up: Rejecting Corporate Control One Community at a Time

Thomas Linzey in Eugene in June 2014

Local Oregon Community Rights groups sharing their stories and progress: