We’re bringing CELDF’s Democracy School to Lane County

What is Democracy School? The national Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund’s Democracy School is a stimulating and illuminating course that reframes often discouraging single issue work (such as toxic exposure or fracking) in a way that enables us to confront corporate control on a powerful front that cuts across issues: people’s constitutional rights. Democracy School explores the limits of conventional regulatory organizing and offers a new organizing model that helps citizens confront corporate usurpation of the rights of communities, people and the earth. Lectures include the history of people’s movements and the ascent of corporate power, and the dramatic recent successes of more than 160 communities nationwide in passing ordinances based on the CELDF model. Attendees receive a 300 plus-page notebook of background reading material. 

When is it? October 10 – 11, 2014 (Friday evening and Saturday during the day).

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