“………….yet the necessary renewal can only come from an awakened citizenry empowered by a sense of urgency and emboldened with the courage to reject, despair and become active.”
–Al Gore

Steering Committee:

The week to week work involved in movement building takes time and energy! These awesome people volunteer their time for the Steering Committee to make it happen!

 Michelle Holman –Deadwood
Michelle has lived in Western Lane County’s Coast Range (Deadwood) for more than 30 years and has been active in the anti-herbicide struggle since the late 1970’s. After many years of her community’s unsuccessful fight to stop government-protected aerial spraying of toxic chemicals by private logging companies, she renounced traditional activism and joined the Community Rights Movement. She is a founder of Community Rights Lane County and the Oregon Community Rights Network. She has served on the Mapleton School Board for 25 years, where more than 20 years ago, the school district stopped using toxic chemicals on school grounds.

Ann Kneeland –Eugene
Ann is a Eugene-based attorney who has represented chief petitioners in various Oregon counties seeking to pass initiatives recognizing community rights, banning corporate harms locally, and frontally challenging claimed corporate “rights.” She also represents chief petitioners at the state level who seek to advance a constitutional amendment recognizing our right of local community self-government. Ann is a founding member of Community Rights Lane County and Our Community Our Rights. Previously, Ann has practiced land use, civil commitment and family law for the public interest. She and her family enjoy hiking, camping, gardening and reading together.

Richie Gross -Deadwood
Rank and file Woods worker with the Mighty Hoedads and later the Deadwood Worker’s Coop. Horse-logging road man with Cypress Logging. Owner-operator Coyote Collections award-winning toy manufacturer. Forty-two years volunteer fireman Deadwood Creek Fire department.
“I had a job in the great north woods working as a cook for a spell But I never did like it all that much and one day the axe just fell.”


“Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.” —John Keats

Rob Dickinson – Cottage Grove
Rob is active in a variety of local and state level community rights organizations working to protect Oregon residents from different corporate harms.  He serves on the Steering Committee of Community Rights Lane County, a 501c3 nonprofit focused on educating the public about community rights and advancing the local movement.  He is also a member of two Lane County initiative campaign organizations: Freedom from Aerial Herbicides Alliance, which is fighting to end the abuses of aerial spraying of herbicides, and Our Community, Our Rights, which seeks to empower local community rights and people-powered local lawmaking to protect our health, safety, and welfare. He is also on the Steering Committee of Oregonians for Community Rights, the campaign organization for the Oregon state constitutional amendment initiative, and coordinates the petitioning efforts for the campaign.

Eron King –Triangle Lake
After living in the forests for 3 years, she saw helicopters spraying the mountains close by. Finding out it’s legal to spray pesticides on/over Oregon citizens, she started her environmental career by taking on the private timber industry.  She spent close to 5 years commenting, rallying and attending state regulatory meetings, getting no where. In 2012 Eron was introduced to Community Rights-based lawmaking through the CELDF. Being empowered by this new path to ending corporate harm, she is very involved with the movement. Just ending a several year stint on the Oregon Community Rights Network Board of Directors.

John Herberg – Eugene
John has been involved in the environmental-social activist community with various organizations, in various locations, playing a variety of roles for over 20 years.  He has a degree in Computer Science, but due to his strong belief that it is important to live by our values, his “real job” is as manager and  bike courier with Pedalers Express 🙂  He believes the two most important moves to make change in the world are to live according to your values and changing the existing dysfunctional system at its core.

” Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become lawless or corrupt” – Mahatma Gandhi



Lynn Bowers –Eugene

Long time activist dedicated to ending forest regulations as they are now. Clear-Cutting and spraying of our forests aren’t necessary, and we lack the authority to do anything about it. Community Rights has the chance to change that. Thanks Lynn for all your hard work and dedication to our forests!!


Leadership Group:

Movement building takes time and skills and these fine people are but a few stand-out Organizers for CRLC!
Thanks for all your help!

  • Guadalupe Quinn
  • Brian Klopotek
  • Rob Dickinson
  • Richard Gross
  • Michelle Holman
  • Ann Kneeland
  • Linda Reymers