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At the bottom of this page is a list of mutual aid resources for you to use and share…

The situation we find ourselves in is complicated and stressful and has an impact on the mental and physical health of everyone on the planet.

During such a challenging time, it is essential that we all come together to try and help each other get through the pandemic.

With the different restrictions on our physical movements, it can be difficult to know who to help, and how best to help them.

Here are just a few ideas… 

1. Identifying Those In The Most Need

When you think about everyone that you know in your community, it is almost certain that someone will be affected in some way by the current situation, whether it be financially, emotionally or physically.

2. Check-In On Those In Need

Just pick up the phone and call anyone that you believe may be struggling. Checking in can make a huge difference in someone’s day.

3. Help With Practicalities

Offering to assist someone in even the smallest way can help make them feel more connected and less isolated. Do they need food from a store, or how about a refill on their prescription?

Local Lane County Mutual Aid Resources

Lane County Mutual Aid (LCMA )

Request Line: (541) 321-8749
We advocate collective liberation through class solidarity, disability justice, anti-racism, abolition, and horizontal mutual aid.

The Neighborhood Anarchist Collective (NAC)

The Neighborhood Anarchist Collective (NAC) strives to grow the anarchist movement through strategic direct action and by providing a welcoming environment for education and participation. We organize locally to help build a society where neighbors support each other to meet basic needs, individuals are free to follow their passions, and empowered communities collectively shape the future.
Little Guide to Free Resources in EugeneA printable and summarized guide to the resources we think most useful for providing immediate needs, such as food, shelter, both medical and mental health care, etc. Please download and share this in the Eugene/Springfield area.

Cottage Grove Mutual Aid

Hotline: Are you looking for help and want to know what programs and services are available to assist you? Call or text 541.649.2460 or email [email protected] to get connected to a volunteer who can help.

Occupy Medical
[email protected]
Fax: 541-654-8910
Occupy Medical, P.O. Box 50354, Eugene, OR 97405

Eugene Burrito Brigade
[email protected]

Eugene Food Not Bombs
[email protected]

Cascade Chapter Food Not Bombs (Oakridge)
[email protected]

Willamette Racism Response Network

BIPOC Liberation Collective

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