Our Mission

OCOR is dedicated to protecting our Right to write and pass laws to protect our health, safety, and welfare from corporate interference. An amendment to the Lane County charter is needed to secure the rights of local communities to write more protective, local laws that establish fundamental rights for individuals, their communities and nature.  This includes the Right to say NO to aerial herbicide spraying!

Our Community Our Rights (OCOR)

The Right of Local Community Self- Government is needed to secure the right to say NO by banning certain activities (aerial spray for instance), and to curtail rights claimed by corporations that would interfere with these newly established rights. Both amendments need to pass in order for the spray ban, or any other ban to be enforced.

Freedom From Aerial Herbicides Alliance (FAHA)

This PAC has submitted a charter amendment to ban the aerial spraying of herbicides in Lane County, Oregon. As we await the court’s ruling on this matter, we are planning for a positive outcome and moving forward with the next steps of our campaign. Stay tuned for more actions!

Both amendments are now in the Judicial System,
we’re all waiting for the decision.

The current system of law and government favors corporate rights over those of individuals, communities, and the natural world.  Corporate interests often use their influence at state, federal, and international realms to override local interests.  It’s called preemption. Our work draws on the assistance of The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF), which works with communities throughout the country to protect the health, safety, and welfare of their residents and the natural environment, and to establish environmental and economic sustainability.

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