The Mission

For decades, Lane County residents have been subjected to the practice of aerial herbicide application that threatens their health, property, and the environment. Despite persistent efforts to stop this practice, the harm continues unabated. Now, using the Community Rights model, a coalition of organizations and individuals have come together to ban aerial spraying through the local initiative process.

Freedom From Aerial Herbicides Alliance (FAHA)

Timber companies in Oregon routinely spray their forest lands with hazardous chemicals such as Glyphosate, Atrazine and 2,4-D (an ingredient in Agent Orange) to prevent plant growth after a clear-cut. Due to drift from aerial spraying these chemicals “trespass”, contaminating surface and groundwater, livestock, crops, and people. Oregonians have no legal recourse to sue timber companies, or the State, for the impact on the health of community members or damage to their property.

This PAC has submitted a charter amendment to ban the aerial spraying of herbicides in Lane County, Oregon. As we await the court’s ruling on this matter, we are planning for a positive outcome and moving forward with the next steps of our campaign. Stay tuned for more actions!

Our Community Our Rights (OCOR)

The Right of Local Community Self- Government is needed to secure the right to say NO by banning certain activities (aerial spray for instance), and to curtail rights claimed by corporations that would interfere with these newly established rights. Both amendments need to pass in order for the spray ban, or any other ban to be enforced.

Both amendments are now in the Judicial System,
we’re all waiting for the decision.

This campaign is about out future. Do we want a future where we are powerless to protect our families and our environment from toxic chemical spraying, or are we willing to do the hard work necessary to protect our health, safety, and well-being? Now is the time to do just that, and we need your help!

Our work draws on the assistance of The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF), which works with communities throughout the country to protect the health, safety, and welfare of their residents and the natural environment, and to establish environmental and economic sustainability.

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