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Like so many other organizations during the pandemic, CRLC has limited our activities to connecting virtually. 

Community Rights Action meetings 

We continue to hold our monthly CRA meetings and have included a variety of topics over these past months, including:

  • Preemption Issues – lead by Roy Keene
  • Proposed Community Rights Amendment to Oregon State Constitution
  • Review of Stratfor Strategies  – How to Win the Media War Against Grassroots Activists
  • How Can We Best Support BIPOC Efforts?
  • Community Rights Lane County – Value Statement Review

Besides our monthly CRA meetings, CRLC has sponsored or supported  the following online presentations:
CRLC Sponsored Webinar:
Democracy School – Fall 2020

ORCRN Sponsored Webinars:

  • Community Rights Amendment to Oregon State Constitution
  • Intersection of Current Events (BIPOC issues, fire, pandemic) with Community Rights
  • State Preemption
  • Mutual Aid

Here is the latest news from Lane County and beyond…

A Token of Our Appreciation…

Community Rights Lane County created a Political Action Committee called Protect Lane County Watersheds. We will be educating the public about why it's important to protect our watersheds, the Rights of Nature, and expose the legal system we're up against, in order to...

The ORCRNs Monthly Newsletter

Stay updated with all the Community Rights News from around the Country! The Oregon Community Rights Network has started a monthly newsletter to keep you informed of all things Community Rights. Learn about the work going on across the Nation - Educational webinars,...

April’s Webinar Wednesday

The Oregon Community Rights Networks Monthly Webinar Wednesday is April 14, at 6pm. Protecting Mother Earth: The history, legacy, and possibilities as experienced by Native Americans The ORCRN and CELDF are honored to be able to provide the space on Wednesday, April...

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