The bill, if passed, would strengthen the GMO foothold on our agricultural economy. It has resurfaced as a bargaining chip in the effort to resolve the lingering PERS (Public Employees Retirement System) issues. As part of the backroom deal-making, Oregon’s legislators have fashioned an all-or-nothing agreement that includes SB 633. Governor Kitzhaber has expressed his approval and intention of signing ALL of the proposed bills in the deal, including SB 633.


Even if Jackson County is granted an exemption from SB 633 (as proposed in the deal), the passage of SB 633 would ultimately affect ALL Oregonians and put the decision-making power in the hands of a few. Do we want Oregon ruled by the influence of out-of-state or multinational corporations, or do we want our agricultural decisions made by those it will affect? We support the right of ALL Oregonians to ban GMO crops from their counties and manage their local agricultural economy.

 SB 633 takes away YOUR right to protect your local economy. It’s as simple as that.

How can you help?
The best thing to do right now is light up the governor’s phone line!

1.     Call AND write to Governor Kitzhaber’s office 503-378-4582,   be sure to say you want a response.

and/or send him an electronic message at

2.     Call your State Representatives and Senators
(Enter your info and then scroll down to State Rep and State Senator)

Make one or all of the following points.

Ask why is this bill even under consideration? It has NOTHING to do with PERS pension reform.

SB633 is a bad bill. It is a threat to our democratic rights!

It does NOTHING to solve the problem of predatory multinational corporations slowly destroying a healthier agriculture. It ONLY  takes away the right of Oregon citizen’s to act by putting seed related issues in the hands of the State with NO  mandate to do anything at all.

SB633 takes away local control.  Different counties have different agricultural priorities.

SB633 meely potects a foreign corporation that isn’t allowed to plant GMO crops in its own country due to the long term effects of GMO contamination.  Is your priority the short term profits of foreign corporations who are leasing Oregon land to plant GMOs, or is it protecting Oregon farmers who actually grow their own crops on their own land, and have to deal with the long term effects of GMO contamination?

At this point, personal phone calls are the most effective way to show we are serious. Please invest a few minutes of your busy day to make this call.  If you can’t call, send an email or a personal letter, but please do not delay. Time is of the essence — your citizen’s rights are being eroded!