March 24, 2022

Oregon Community Rights Network (ORCRN) supports the actions and litigation necessary to protect the sage brush hills of Thacker Pass from the corporate harm that would result from the extraction and mining of lithium.

Justifying this mining for the sake of “green energy” will not only destroy the local environment and create water shortages but desecrate the lands of local indigenous people and the surrounding communities.

Thacker Pass is only the beginning. Exploration for lithium in adjacent lands in South East Oregon is currently underway.

For the past eighty years the rural communities of Western Oregon have been turned into sacrifice zones by corporate timber. Now the communities and environments of South East Oregon will be sacrificed for corporate profits resulting from the production of eco-friendly batteries.

Protecting all communities from the destruction and poisoning resulting from the corporate/government partnership is at the core of the ORCRN mission.

By supporting the actions to Protect Thacker Pass, ORCRN is supporting all communities, their people and the natural environment in the efforts they deem necessary to stop corporate harm and protect their health, safety and welfare.

-Oregon Community Rights Network and member chapters