In Support of…

In support of the Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) movement, Community Rights Lane County encourages donations during this time to go directly towards groups at the forefront of the In Support of...BIPOC movement.  Below is a partial list of these organizations:
Black Lives Matter
Western States Center
 https://linktr.ee/nationalresourceslist has a broader list of organizations provided by a member of BLM
BLAC (Black Led Action Coalition) requests that funding for their actions be donated to HONEY, since HONEY is a 501c3
HONEY (Honoring Our New Ethnic Youth)
Centro Latino Americano
Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURG)
Community Alliance of Lane County (CALC)

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Will Falk – Oregon Book Tour

Will Falk - Oregon Book Tour

Will Falk – Author, Lawyer, Environmental Activist

Poetry is a tool to be used in resistance. For those of us who have forgotten, poetry leads us back to our natural heritage. Poetry teaches us to listen to a world filled with voices.

WHEN: Friday, March 13th @6pm

WHERE: Eugene Garden Club (1645 High St. / Parking across street)

How Dams Fall Will Falk - Oregon Book Tour

With brutal honesty and an unflinching commitment to witnessing the river’s wounds in all their painful detail, How Dams Fall is an intimate conversation between a human and a river. In a time when the Colorado River is at record low levels and water shortages look inevitable, this essay is a must-read for outdoor enthusiasts, naturalists, water advocates, and anyone who has ever fallen in love with the natural world.

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Join us at PIELC 2020 – Sunday @9am

We know it’s early – But Exciting it will be!

Date: Sunday March 8, 2020

Time: 9:00-10:15am

Where: UO Campus (Exact location TBA)

Panel: Establishing the Rights of Nature

It is neither acceptable nor is it necessary to poison the environment to engage in commerce. In fact, it is the antithesis of a sustainable and responsible economy. But to stop harmful unsustainable developments like Jordan Cove and Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline, determined environmental activists must first acknowledge that working within an “environmental protection” system, complicit with industry, is activism’s failure, not the system’s failure. Rather than pledging obedience to an unjust, dead-end system, activists across the country and around the world must become civilly disobedient in the name of justice, true sustainability, climate and a viable doorway into the future. Establishing the rights of nature, giving ecosystems standing, may be the single most effective means of reversing the Earth-wide trend of habitat destruction.

We have focused on a panel of individuals assembled from three geographic areas from around the United States:

1.) Will Falk—Author “How Dams Fall”; Lawyer who represented the Colorado River in Rights of Nature case.

2.) Markie Miller—Representative from Toledo, Ohio Community Rights whose CR group won the Lake Erie Bill of Rights initiative protecting the integrity of Lake Erie. She was invited to speak at the United Nations.

3.) Kai Sunburn—spokesman for Community Rights San Juan County who will be submitting this spring, their own Rights of Nature initiative – The Salish Sea Bill of Rights.

4.) Michelle Holman – Community Rights Lane County

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Public Interest Environmental Law Conference

Move: Migration on a Changing Planet
March 05-08, 2020

This year, PIELC will host a conversation about Public Interest Environmental Law Conferencemigration on a changing planet. Changes to the environment have always affected the movement of humans and other life on earth. Recently, global awareness has shifted to issues of migration as the impacts of land use and resource extraction accelerate climate change and ecological crises. Conflicts and environmental disruptions force humans to leave their homes and face untold tribulation. Entire ecosystems creep toward the poles, and species climb to higher elevations. Climate, animal, and plant cycles fall out of sync with alarming consequences. Many species dwindle while others quietly wink out of existence. No place on earth is free from these changes.

The new Rights of Nature campaign ties right into this year’s theme. Stay tuned for more information as we do have a panel! We’ll have special guests from the LEBOR effort in Toledo Ohio, along with a guest from the Rights of the Salish Sea efforts. We are so excited about this year’s conference – we hope to see you at our table in the hallway!

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Upcoming Important Film Showings

We have some exciting film showings coming your way. A perfect way to educate yourself as the weather gets colder outside. Both showings include Q&A’s with people involved! Stay warm inside and cozy up for these:

Community Rights Lane County is excited to be cosponsors along with Encircle Films, Eugene PeaceWorks/KEPW Community Radio 97.3FM for:

Upcoming Important Film Showings

Thursday, Nov. 7th @6:30pm

Corporate Coup D’etat
Followed by Q&A with
producer Jeff Cohen

Broadway Metro – 888 Willamette





Community Rights Lane County, Wisdom of the Elders, along with Native American Studies present:

Upcoming Important Film Showings

Sunday, Nov. 10th @7pm

The Peoples of Western Oregon
Followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers

UO Many Nations Longhouse

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Film Showing in Florence Oregon – Invisible Hand

Community Rights Lane County  City Lights Cinema

Film Showing in Florence Oregon - Invisible Hand

Invisible Hand

When: Tuesday, Sept. 17th
Where: City Lights Cinema
Florence, Oregon
(1930 Highway 101)

Check back often as the event gets closer for more details.

In the fall of 2014, for the first time in United States history, an ecosystem filed to defend itself in a lawsuit claiming its ‘right to exist’ in Grant Township, Pennsylvania. For attempting such a radical act, Grant’s rural community of 700 people were sued by a corporation, then by the state government, and are now locked in a battle to defend the watershed they call home, the water they drink, and enforce the local laws they enacted that gave legal Rights to Nature.Film Showing in Florence Oregon - Invisible Hand

Half a continent away in Standing Rock, North Dakota, the same industry threatening Grant Twp. is using militarized force against indigenous tribes and allies fighting to protect Mother Earth. The two, Grant Township and Standing Rock, are joined in an international fight to protect more than just water. They fight for their community, democracy, and for Nature as a living entity unto itself.

Produced by award-winning actor Mark Ruffalo, INVISIBLE HAND takes you behind the curtain of the global economy where ‘Rights of Nature’ becomes “capitalism’s one true opponent.”

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