CR campaigns we endorse…

Protect Lane County Watersheds(PLCW)

This PAC was created to move forward an ordinance to secure Right of Waters and Watersheds to sustainable recharge, flows sufficient to protect native fish habitat, and clean water unpolluted by any activities of corporations, governments, and other business entities. We are a group of dedicated Lane County residents that believe our right to protect our watersheds are inherently more important than corporate bottom lines. Learn More.

Our Community, Our Rights (OCOR)

Working to secure our Right to say No to corporate threats, a Charter Amendment has been crafted for Lane County to secure the Right of Local Community Self-Government, so that citizens can end aerial spraying, say No to GMOs and to stop harms done by outside corporations. Learn More

Freedom from Aerial Herbicides Alliance (FAHA)FFAHA_logo_180

Freedom from Aerial Herbicides Alliance has crafted a Charter Amendment, with the help of CELDF, to ban aerial spraying of herbicides in Lane County. Securing our right to be free of chemical trespass, while also securing our right to clean air, water and soil free from herbicide contamination! Drift Happens! check out our website and sign up to help collect signatures! Learn More


Oregonians for Community Rights (OR4CR)

OR4CR is a citizen’s initiative effort to amend the Oregon Constitution. The group is currently in court waiting for permission to gather signatures for the ballot.

ORforCR_4_long_logo-1The state constitutional amendment titled “The Right to Local, Community Self-Government” would codify into law the right to local, community self-government, enabling local governments to protect fundamental rights and prohibit corporate activities that violate those rights. It would secure the authority of communities to put in place stronger rights and protections than those currently recognized at the state, federal, or international level. Learn More