Street Theater by Community Rights Lane County

Group holds rally against court case restricting ballot initiative rights

Before court on Friday, members of and supporters of CRLC gathered in front of the Courthouse to show voters what’s at stake – All in good humor!!

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Check out this video of Community Rights Lane County folks doing some street theater outside the Lane County Courthouse today!

Letting our community know that We the People intend to stay strong in defense of our constitutional right to the initiative power! Judge Karsten Rasmussen heard over 2 hours of argument, and will decide the outcome of the case in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

Thanks to everyone who performed and those that joined in to raise the voices of the We the People Choir!

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Advancing the Rights of Nature with Shannon Biggs

Shannon is a leading international speaker, author and activist in the growing movement for Rights of Nature. She is the Co-founder and Director of Movement Rights, which was born out of her 12 years at Global Exchange where she began the Community and Nature’s Rights Program. The author of Building the Green Economy: Success Stories from the Grass Roots and The Rights of Nature, Shannon leads “Democracy Schools” and Rights of Nature trainings throughout the country. She holds a Masters in Economics/Poli cs of Empire from the London School of Economics.

When: February 9th, 7pm
Where: Eugene Garden Club (1645 High)

Parking across the street!

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A Powerful Trio

Community Rights Lane County Our Community Our Rights and Freedom from Aerial Herbicides Alliance have been very lucky to co-host three amazing women. If you weren’t able to see them in person, we now have video of all three. Follow the links below and enjoy a wealth of knowledge related to the Rights of Nature!

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Eugene Showing – We the People 2.0

Eugene Showing – We the People 2.0

Encircle Film Series, along with Community Rights Lane County.

WHEN: Thursday, December 15th, 6:00pm

WHERE: Bijou Art Cinemas, 13th Ave, Eugene

Discussion and Q&A with our own Ann Kneeland, Attorney at Law

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Legal Action at the Ready to Protect People’s Constitutional Rights in Lane County

On August 23rd Lane County attorney and Community Rights activist Ann Kneeland sent a letter to Lane County officials informing them that the initiative change proposal would violate both Oregon and federal constitutional rights and that the county can expect a lawsuit if the proposal is adopted into law.

The letter makes it known that adopting such changes would not only violate Federal free speech rights and Oregon state initiative rights, but that procedurally any issues regarding “matters of county concern” can only be addressed after an initiative is voted in by the people. 

Not only has a Lane County judge upheld that opinion but the county’s own attorney made that argument in court, asserting that “matters of county concern” are addressed only after an initiative becomes law.
Ms. Kneeland’s legal letter is being supported by separate letters submitted to the county by national community and civil rights law firms the CommunityEnvironmental Legal Defense Fund and the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Let’s Keep Applying the Pressure

The County Commissioners are still considering doing the bidding of timber corporations to place a chokehold on the democratic rights of the people of Lane County by granting themselves de facto veto power over citizen initiatives. 

Let’s keep applying the pressure on the Commissioners to drop this bad idea, show your support by signing the Open Letter to the Lane County Commissioners today! You don’t need to live in Lane County to sign!

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We were Victorious in Court!!

On June 3, Judge Charles Carlson ruled in favor of the Chief Petitioners for the Right of Local Self-government Charter Amendment, writing, “Just as, on the state level, a statute’s constitutionality is evaluated after its enactment, so too, on the county level, an initiative measure’s constitutionality is evaluated only after it has been adopted.”

On May 24th, Ann Kneeland, lead attorney for the Chief Petitioners, successfully argued the case for protection and preservation of our initiative process. She maintained that, “Historically, once a ballot initiative passes the County Clerk’s requirements (which this Initiative has), it is left to the voters to decide. The courts may be used to challenge the law after the majority of voters have decided to pass it. Bringing this ballot Initiative into a hearing before any signatures have even been gathered is an attack on our rights and an obstacle to the democratic process.” And the judge Agreed!

This decision authorizes Lane County voters to assert our right to write and pass laws to protect our community from corporate interference and influence; exactly what we are fighting for!!! Such great news!!!!!

And thanks to all of you who attended the court proceedings and to those of you who have supported this effort in so many ways!

Watch the Press Conference we created after the proceedings!

We are in the signature gathering phase to put it on the ballot!!! Learn more, get involved at Our Community, Our Rights

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