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Support Thacker Pass!

Oregon Community Rights Network (ORCRN) and Member Chapters, supports the actions and litigation necessary to protect the sage brush hills of Thacker Pass from the corporate harm that would result from the extraction and mining of lithium. Learn More Here.

ORCRN Webinar Wednesday

April 6th @6pm: This year, as we approach Earth Day, we want to move deeper into the forest and connect our activist hearts to a more mystical discussion about trees and forests, streams and rivers. Zoom Link Here.

Community Rights Action

We are virtual with our monthly public gatherings. We have speakers, presentations and more every third Monday of the month at 6pm. Email us for more info.

ORCRN Chat for Change

March 23rd @6:30pm – What does Civil Disobedience look like? How do we effectively work for change by refusing to accept the laws and regulations we believe are harming both people and the environment? Or, do we? Is there another way? Zoom Link Here.

Community Rights Lane County educates and mobilizes citizens about our rights to local community self-governance. We believe decisions affecting communities must be made by community residents – the people directly impacted by these decisions and laws that authorize harmful corporate activities. We believe corporate structures should not have privileges that elevate corporate interests above those of the local community.

Our Community

Join the Community Rights Action!

Join our monthly general meeting of community rights supporters in Lane County.  Learn more about our work and stay updated on the latest developments in local, state, national and international Community Rights efforts.

Each month’s agenda is different, and we feature speakers, videos, and engaging group activities. We have opportunities for everyone to participate in!

We’re meeting virtually now! 
Contact us to receive call information. 
Email: [email protected]

Oregon Community Rights Network

Learn how others in Oregon are using community rights-based lawmaking to end corporate harms in their communities. Stay up to date on the latest campaigns!

Events & Presentations

Even in the time of Covid-19, we’ll try and keep people connected by gathering at least once a month. Our Community Rights Action gatherings are now on Zoom! Join the mailing list for call details.

Community Rights Campaigns

Community Rights Lane County supports many community rights campaigns. These campaigns are an effort to protect our communities and the natural world we depend on. Read more about these efforts.
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